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TN5, The New 5 A-Side is different to regular 2 team 5 a-side football, in that 3 teams take part in a Round Robin tournament and individual players get points in the league table rather than the teams.

In order to help you get started with the new concept, we have put together some Frequently Asked Questions. Just click on the relevant dashboard button to reveal them.

If you don’t see an answer here, please feel free to email us using the form on the Contact Us tab.

























How is TN5 different to traditional 5 a-side?

TN5 is a twist on the traditional game of 5 a-side football, it is a 3-team mini tournament for you and your friends, made up of short sharp games that build into your very own league.

It is more exciting and competitive than conventional 5 a-side because:

• Each game is only 6 minutes in length or the first to 2 goals, in a ‘winner stays on’ or ‘round robin’ format.

• The teams are different each session and are randomly selected.

• The individual players are awarded points in your own league table rather than the teams.

• The teams are made up of players from a group of your friends or class mates so you are always playing with and against someone you know.

TN5 is The New 5 A-Side. Sign up today for FREE!

Where can I play TN5?

TN5 can be played wherever you are in the world. Use your school pitch or sports hall, or book your 5 a-side pitch at a local venue and play the game the TN5 way.

How many players do I need?

Any TN5 session works with between 9 and 15 players. So you only need a minimum of 9 to get started, although if you have less than 15 someone may need to “fill in” for the team that has fewer players (see FAQ’s on The Match Days).

How long is a TN5 season?

You can re-set your league table at any time so a season can be as long or as short as you like.

What do we do at the end of the season?

Simply click on the ‘End Season’ tab on the league table view. A confirmation message will appear to ensure you have not clicked this in error. Once you confirm, the league table points and appearances will be re-set to ‘zero’, but players will retain their own historical stats in their profile.

Why not reward the league winner with a trophy or certificate to celebrate their success.















































Each time you play a mini-tournament, players on the winning team will receive points. We’ve called these mini-tournaments “The Match Day”. These could be played once a week, or as frequently as suits you.

We don’t have 15 players to make 3 teams of 5. What now?

Regardless of how many players are available (between 9 and 15), they will be randomly placed into 3 teams.

For example, if 13 players are available, the split would be: one team of 5 and two teams of 4. When a team of 4 are playing, a player from the team that is off the pitch plays as a ‘guest’ player for that team. When both teams of 4 are playing, both have a ‘guest’ from the other team.

If you only have 9 or 10 players available, then we recommend the format of the games to be 4 v 4 each game rather than 5 v 5, as you wouldn’t have enough players for 3-teams playing 5 v 5.

What if a ‘guest’ player doesn’t make any effort?

‘Guest’ players should always make an effort for three reasons:

1: They are getting an extra game

2: It could be them who need a ‘guest’ in the next game, so if they don’t pull their weight they could get a taste of their own medicine next time!

3: It keeps the tournament competitive

We would recommend rotating the ‘guest’ player so that the team with less players has a variety of ‘guests’ and more players get a chance of an extra game. You may want to ask your teacher or coach to select the ‘guest’ players so that it is fair and rotated.

What if there is a draw at the end of a game?

When playing the ‘winner stays on’ format, if an individual game is drawn we’d suggest the ‘challenging’ team (i.e. the team that has just come on) stays on the pitch to play the next team. This means the current ‘winning’ team must win again to stay on!

How many points do I get for a win?

The team with the most wins at the end of the mini-tournament is the winner for that match day. How many points each player on the winning team receives is up to you. You can allocate between 0 and 9 points to any player when confirming a result.

For example: 3 points to players on the winning team, 2 points for 2nd place and 1 point for 3rd place; or just give points to the winning team if you prefer. Make sure you are consistent throughout the season!

Who will referee?

You may want to get a teacher or coach to referee the games when you first start. However, as you get used to the format, you may want to ask a player from the team that is off the pitch to referee. It is a great way to introduce young players to the responsibility of officiating, and can be rotated for each game.

It is important each game is refereed fairly and in the spirit of the rules, and that all the players respect the referee’s decisions.

Can I be on the same team each match day?

You could, but it’s unlikely! Teams are randomly selected each week so a team-mate one week will probably be an opponent the next.













































When do I need to update my availability status?

You can update your status at any time. When your status is set, it will remain as it is unless you or the Manager updates it. Keeping your status up to date will considerably assist the Manager when they are randomising the teams.

The Manager also has the function to override your availability, for instance if you have forgotten to change your status before going on holiday, or if you are off sick.

How will I know when my next match is?

Your next match will appear on your Player home page and can be viewed in the “View matches” tab.

All players will also receive a confirmation email when the Manager has randomised the teams.

Will I be bombarded with emails every week?

No. Each player in the pool will receive an email confirmation of the next game along with the randomly selected teams for the match day.

Players will also receive an email confirmation of the match day result when the Manager updates the league.

These are the only emails each player will receive on a regular basis.








































































What are the Manager’s responsibilities?

The Manager (usually a teacher or coach, but could be a player) will need to:

• arrange a pitch to play on

• create a fixture

• randomise the teams; and

• confirm the match day result.

That’s it! The only other function of the Manager is to maintain the pool of players by inviting or deleting players as appropriate.

Do the Manager’s duties take up loads of time?

No not at all. The website takes a lot of the hassle out of organising a game for the Manager. In fact, it is easier than organising a casual game of 5 a-side as the websites arranges the players and teams for you.

I’ve randomised the teams but they don’t look very evenly balanced. Can I re-randomise them?

You can re-randomise the teams as often as you choose, but this should only be done to balance the teams and not to give an advantage to certain players. If teams are seriously imbalanced (i.e. all the best players are on one team) the competitive element that TN5 brings to casual 5 a-side football is significantly diminished, and therefore we would suggest that this is avoided.

The Manager can also manually adjust teams if they need slightly tweaking, for instance if a player becomes available after the teams have been selected.

What if the Manager goes on holiday during the season?

The Manager can discreetly share their login details with a trusted colleague for the period of their absence who can assume the role of ‘Caretaker Manager’!





































































What does the website do that I can’t do already?

The TN5 website will help to:

• arrange and manage your own league

• manage your games

• sort the teams

• automatically email players with details of the next match day


• update your own league;


• allow you to interact online

Not only does TN5 make organising your 5 a-side much easier, it will also inject a competitive element to your matches as players compete against each other in their own league.

How does the message wall work?

Each player has an individual wall where league members can post messages and upload photos. You can post to another player’s wall by clicking on their name in the league table.

There is also a league wall accessible via ‘Social Events’ on your dashboard which all your league members can post to and view.

No one outside of your own league will have access to view or post items on any of your players walls.

My company could offer some great end of season events! How can I promote them to TN5 users?

Contact with details of your offer. We will provide details and links to any appropriate offers for TN5 members on the ‘My Social Events’ section of the website.

I’ve encountered a problem with the website. What can I do?

Please email with details of your problem and we will address the issue as soon as possible.

How long will it take to get a reply from TN5?

We will endeavour to reply to all emails within 48 hours during the working week, or within 72 hours if the email is sent over the weekend.