I am passionate about young footballers learning important life skills and working towards recognised qualifications whilst playing a game they love, and TN5 provides an opportunity for this. Its a great new approach to the game of 5 a-side that can be used by players of all different footballing abilities. Young people have the chance to organise their own league of friends or classmates and compete against each other in a friendly environment, learning valuable skills like leading, officiating and organising, along the way.

Brian Deane, former Premier League striker, now Manager of Sarpsborg 08 in the Norwegian top division.


'TN5 is a fantastic new way to play small sided football. As futsal continues to grow in popularity across the country, more and more people will be looking to get involved but not necessarily commit to a formal league against unknown opposition. TN5 allows young people to experience the thrill and excitement of futsal in their own league of mates, run by themselves, and provides an exciting competitive element.'

Michael Skubala, Assistant England Futsal Coach and Head Coach at the International Futsal Academy